Heatwave Music Stage: Punčke (HR)

Art kino Kriterion, 21. august u 22.00h

Heatwave Music Stage Kriterion will be open August 16th-24th and host some of the most famous regional artists. It will be a hotspot of various music genres including drum and bass, rock'n'roll, hip-hop, indie pop, electronic, jazz, funk, dubstep etc. Events will take place at two stages and take a form of a smaller festival, so choose your musical drug and visit us!
August 21st '13 - 10 p.m.
art house cinema Kriterion (main stage)

PUNČKE (HR) / indie-pop

Aleternative rock scene is in Sarajevo. Don't miss the super sugary female band coming from Croatia's most visited music festival straight to the main stage!

Punčke is a female band founded in Vinkovci in 2007. Originally there were made up of 6 band members, but came down to the core-three: Lucija (guitar/vocals), Ruby (drums) and Ive (Bass Guitar/vocals). As they don’t want to limit themselves to only one music genre, today they combine various influences and create a rather different sound. Their audience oftenly describes them as indie-pop band with hints of Television, Joy Division, Patti Smith, EKV and others.

First album named “Robot koji hekla” was issused in 2010 and it managed to amaze the critics causing recensions such as “These young ladies managed to bring together the minimalism of The White Stripes, vocal harmony, honesty and lyrical sharpness in a good and representative way!” 

Their performances count up to 200, most significant being Jelen Demofest and INmusic festival.


Afterparty: Black Water and Her Daughter (mobility stage)

 *Ticket prices are yet to be announced.