Heatwave Music Stage: Dnb Neon Bodies w/ Tekitoka & Fa11out

Art kino Kriterion, 22. august u 22.00h

Heatwave Music Stage Kriterion will be open August 16th-24th and host some of the most famous regional artists. It will be a hotspot of various music genres including drum and bass, rock'n'roll, hip-hop, indie pop, electronic, jazz, funk, dubstep etc. Events will take place at two stages and take a form of a smaller festival, so choose your musical drug and visit us!
August 22nd '13 - 10 p.m.
art house cinema Kriterion (mobility stage)


Cover your bodies with UV paint and experience a whole new way of partying! Sensation of glowing bodies combined with top of the notch bass music will make your pulse skyrocket and remember this first time neon experiment for a long time!

FA11OUT (BiH) // drum and bass/breakbeat/dubstep/trip-hop

Fa11out aka Fallout is an audio-video duo created in 2007 that is generally into sound design and creating super quality drum and bass and dubstep. The foundation followed upon discovering Bad Company (4 Days and The Nine) and since then, they produced and worked with: Ajs Nigrutin, Timbe, Frenkie, Billain, Codex, Illegal Operations, Baga Sound, Concrete Jungle etc.

The word 'fallout' has a rather sinister meaning - the residual radiation hazard from a nuclear explosion, so called because it “falls out" of the atmosphere after the explosion. It commonly refers to the radioactive dust created when a nuclear weapon explodes. This radioactive dust, consisting of hot particles, is a kind of radioactive contamination. It can lead to the contamination of ground and the animal food chain.

Fa11out is mostly released from a small town Tuzla in Bosnia and Herzegovina and is consisted of Senad Nurkanovich (sound design) and Irfan Brkovich (visuals).


TEKITOKA (HR) // LED / Dirty Beatz / drum and bass

Once upon a time, Tekitoka fell in love at „first sound“. Ever since this love has been growing more by day. Its first results showed  5 years ago,  when she experimented with drum and bass production.

Another result of this love is DJ Tekitoka, a super energetic peformer, with sets deeply influenced by inspiring artists such as: Noisia, Phace, Billain, Jade, June Miller, Icicle, Ed Rush, Prolix, Optiv, Mefjus, Audio, BTK, Black Sun Empire, Amoss, Blokhe4d, Calyx, Teebee, Break, Misanthrop, Rregula, Dementia, Rockwell, C4C, Krot, Paperclip, Axiom, Gridlok, Neonlight, Maztek, Fourward, Nickbee, The Upbeats, Enei...

Besides being an active member of LED community, she recently becamea part of oldest dnb crew in Croatia, that hosted some of the greatest names in world's dnb scene: Jade, Billain and June Miller.

Her recognizable style is drum and bass/neurofunk/techstep and you can follow her on:


* Tickets for the event can be bought at the entrance, with a price amounting 5 BAM.