Heatwave Music Stage: Sajsi MC & DJ BKO (live)

Art kino Kriterion, 23. august u 22.00h

Heatwave Music Stage Kriterion will be open August 16th-24th and host some of the most famous regional artists. It will be a hotspot of various music genres including drum and bass, rock'n'roll, hip-hop, indie pop, electronic, jazz, funk, dubstep etc. Events will take place at two stages and take a form of a smaller festival, so choose your musical drug and visit us!

August 23rd '13 - 10 p.m.
art house cinema Kriterion (main stage)

MC SAJSI + DJ BKO (live) 

Fresh off the EXIT 2013 scene, coming to Sarajevo - Sajsi MC and her promising DJ - BKO! Favorite among younger audiences, hip-hop lovers and any man with a pair of eyes, Sajsi is guaranteed to fire up the stage and deliver raw and powerful female energy. Known to fill up clubs, festivals and various music stages, this young lady is must see on the Heatwave Music Stage.

Ivana Rašić (Sajsi MC) 

She debuted with her first album in 2010. Her raw expression in “Daleko je Dizni” is evident, because as she said, in order to be equal and accepted in the hip-hop society, you need to have a strong stomach, hard teeth and undisputable baldness. Sajsi MC won’t let herself be the victim at any point or bow down to the challenges of the street. She fights back using her sex-appeal as a cover-up for energetic and often uncontrolled verbal attacks. 

„Daleko je Dizni“ is an album many will hate, perhaps because it wasn’t rapped by a man, but what Ivana certainly knows, is how to survive in a city full of temptations. She is not a gangster, dealer, or a criminal but she knows what the city is full of. She knows what we know, but doesn’t put her philosopher gloves on and bother with pretentious deep thoughts, she speaks slang and is fantastically skilled in it, with lively songs and lyrics anyone of us can identify with.


* Tickets in can be bought at a price amounting 8 BAM.