Oberhausen on Tour: 61st International Short Film Festival @ Kriterion

Art kino Kriterion, 5. mart u 20h

61. Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen sada na više lokacija nego ikad!
Na svjetskoj turneji ove godine, filmove sa Oberhausena možete gledati u čak 24 države i 54 kino sale.

Po prvi put, Oberhausen on Tour nudi 2 različita programa (Artist Film & Video 2014 and German Competition 2014). 

U sklopu drugog dijela programa u Kriterionu, pogledajte 5 filmova iz Artist Film & Video 2104 sekcije:

1. L’Amour sauvage
Dir Lior Shamriz/DE 2014/26 mins/English and German
Lost love, lost artistic collaboration, the two are meeting for one night as she briefly visits the city where he still lives.

2. xx-xx-xx-gewobenes papier
Dir Michel Klöfkorn/DE 2014/7 mins/Silent
I wanted to make a film about de-weaving … aren’t things here much too confusing complicated complected? I sent huge posters into the document shredder to have them cut into strips.

3. River Plate
Dir Josef Dabernig/AT 2013/16 mins/Silent
The film is set along the gravel banks of a flowing river in northern Italy, where a group of swimmers has gathered on a hot summer day.

4. False Twins
Dir Sandro Aguilar/PT 2014/21 mins
Hidden memories and lost treasures of our primeval inhabitants.

5. La Estancia
Dir Federico Adorno/PY 2014/14 mins/Silent
A group of peasants enters La Estancia in search of their missing relatives. Are they dead? Are they alive? Nobody knows. Some survivors of the massacre hide in the forest wandering around in shock.

DATUM/DATE: 5. mart u 20h/8 p.m.
ULAZNICE/TICKETS: 3 KM/BAM (ili sa prethodno kupljenim paket ulaznicama)